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A Little About My Personal Style

A touch of Class, a dash of Style, a Stir Fry full of Panache, and one hell of a lot of Lovin’. Hey, I’m the hot chilli photographer of Upbeat Images.

I like to begin with the start of your journey together. When did you ‘click’, what senses were aroused in each of you, how did you feel when you knew you had found ‘the one’? Ouch, it gets me right there every time. Wind on a little while and now I’ll be capturing the day that marks the exciting roller coaster of your new lives together. My images will be ‘in the moment’ yet foretelling the future. It’s heady stuff, but you will see the emotions roll out, like the most romantic movie of all time (what’s your favourite?).

A very Contemporary approach is what I offer. Not strange or experimental, but a solid representations of your super-best day. I mix classic poses with intuition and spontaneity, to produce a portfolio that ‘gives meaning’ to why you and your life partner have come together.


Why Am I The Best Choice For Your Day?

Always, always…. always to provide you, my personal client, with the very best images – for you to enjoy, own and to share with your loved ones.
For me, it is unacceptable that I merely turn up on the day and gather ‘trophy shots’ for your album. It goes much deeper than that, and incorporates the Empathy that I have for my wedding couples and their family. I discuss this further in my personal ‘About’ page. I am a trained caring profession person, qualified as both a doctor and an osteopath.
Your wonderful day should contain as much Fun and Happiness as possible. I shall be as unobtrusive as I can be, but do I reserve the right to photograph lots of laughter, tears and hugs. Other things that attract my lens are : special family moments, quiet asides, advice from loved ones, characterful relatives, bashful best men, excited bridesmaids, and any eye-catching details.
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And There's More! Please feel free to discuss the following Special Options below, which can be added to your Photography Package

To complement all of the hard work that has gone into your styling of your wedding, you might want to Funk Things up a bit more with any of these extra elements -
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pentax-67Part of day using Real Film

To add to the uniqueness of your celebration, I can photograph using a classic mechanical Pentax film camera. Each roll of film holds 10 shots of 6x7cm Medium Format negative. This uses colour or Black and White film to produce an almost ‘tactile’ look, along with To Die For chocolatey backgrounds (great Bokeh). Ideal for well lit moments of quiet contemplation. This option from £110 for 10-20 images.

VM03How about a Viewmaster and 3D discs for you and your guests?

A truly Retro and unique gift. These can be sent out as invitations in a box, with seven images of the couple pre-wedding on a disc. This can be followed by just a Thank You disc a couple of weeks after the event, with seven highlights of the day. Small numbers of Viewer and disc as a ‘one off’ of the day can be arranged. Single units with a disc from £125 each.

DL01Photobooths and Giant Lit Letters

In collaboration with my Friends at Box Photo Booths, Photo booths are an extremely popular way to inject laughter and fun at the evening event. They have letters as high as your shoulders, all lit up with sparkly LEDs, and they say it all…Loud! This local company is well established in the area, offering great service, on-site help, and affordable prices. Contact me, phone 01202 681401, or Click Here for direct access to their web site and prices.

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