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Damon Murgatroyd
Damon MurgatroydWedding Photographer, Bournemouth
As well as taking unforgettable photographs, I also spend part of my week treating backs and necks as an Osteopath.

Some of my highlights

I admit it, I’m a sucker for a beautiful photograph of happy people. Give me a camera and I will look for some gorgeous light, a romantic setting, and for the story of the couple who are ‘in the moment’ together. Happiness begets Happiness. My input on your day is to keep your photo taking easy, successful, and above all, fun.

  • Communicating with you, my wedding couple is all about empathy.
  • I’m your eyes for the day, so what I choose to see and how I choose to see it must be in tune with your desires.
  • Listening to you, and understanding what you are all about, enables me to create the beautiful images that you will truly be able to connect with.
Can one ever tire of shooting weddings? – No Way! The assumption that all weddings are the same is the same as claiming that any two tennis matches are the same. The moments that unfold in a wedding are unique. It is this uniqueness that I’m interested in, and it’s why you receive from me such gorgeous, memorable, timeless photos.
My background is as a medical doctor. ‘Professional’ comes as standard with me. Technical skill is a given. But I have made the move into truly artistic vocation due to a yearning to create great beauty from your great day. What you want is paramount to me. Together we can make a great team.
My influences are as eclectic as my photographic style is broad. I love participating in Comedy Improv. It’s guiding strength is that everything is seen in a positive, fun light (the ‘Yes and…’ upbeat thing). Good music and good wine, perhaps with a nice chunk of Wensleydale seduce me. Audio Visual – did I hear you say Home Cinema? That’s a whole other topic, and is my window on dynamic imagery, a compelling narrative, and a ‘good will always succeed’ view on life.

I’ve been ecstatically happily married for twenty-five years (Phew!). We love to travel the world together when not working on our next house renovation project.

I very much look forward to meeting you in the near future.

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Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

And even better! I’m constantly adding New Looks, Styles, On-line Galleries & more!

My Prices

I make it easy for you to have a beautiful, exciting and affordable record of your Most Important Day!

Remember that as well as digital, as an option, I can fashion you a fantastic Wedding Album.
My Prices
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